TASTE OF THE TRACK - April 23rd & 24th

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Taste of the Track April 233rd & 24th - COS Weekend!

We are back tasting the track.... this time at Big Willow with 2 dates, Saturday April 23rd and again Sunday 24th. This month's TOTT is smack dab in the middle of THE CARNIVAL Of SPEED WEEKEND... so plan to speed the day! (More info on the COS event here.)

Please note: As TOTT is an event inside of an event, there is a separate admission fee into the grounds. Willow Springs Gate Fee: $25/person for 1 day pass

TOTT: $25 bucks get you 4 “spirited” laps with your own bike with only street gear required! (Full face helmet, jacket & jeans) The group will be lead by an experienced rider showing you the correct lines and track etiquette!

Please note: There is a separate admission fee into the grounds.

Willow Spring Gate Fee: (due at the event):
$25/person for 1 day pass
$40 for both days

Yeah, so in the end it's going to be $25 to enter, $25 for TOTT.


The Taste of the Track is not a race, but an awesome introduction to the track day experience. We're expecting you to play it cool and safe. You'll have a blast!

You want to go as fast as you want? Join us for the full track day here.

The"Taste of The Track" event is smack dab in the middle of the Classic Track Day and happens at exactly 12 noon sharp! (Practice starts at 9AM, so show up early and enjoy the sights and sounds of the track!)

Moto Republic will be there in full force, with shade, camaraderie & frosty cold beverages.

Once you checkout you will receive a confirmation email and will be added to the riders list. As the event approaches, you'll receive an email with final instructions & schedule for the day.

We're excited that you are going to join us!