"A Taste Of The Track" - July 11th at Willow Springs International Raceway

Regular price $25.00

$25 bucks gets you 4 “spirited” laps on Willow Spring’s “Big Willow” with your bike, and only street gear required!*

Holy crap! When are you ever gonna get this opportunity again? This is your opportunity to scratch that itch & see if this is maybe your jam!

The Taste of The Track event is part of the "Carnival Of Speed" & happens at exactly 12 noon sharp on July 11! (Racing starts at 9AM, so show up early!) More Carnival of Speed Info available here.

Event stipulations - PLEASE READ:

Although this ticket gives you admittance to the Taste Of The Track Event - there is a also a separate $15 gate fee at Willow Springs to enter the grounds. (ok for in's & outs all day)

Participants are required to have a DOT helmet, Jacket, gloves & jeans. (We reserve the right to pull your card if you show up wearing Daisy Dukes and flip-flops)

We need to sell 10 tickets to secure the event & the time on the track…so tell your friends, share the signup link & bring them on down to enjoy the day in the pits!

We've had 11 brave souls have sign up already... so we've hit our minimum! The event is on! We still have room for more, so please join us and tell your buds!